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Refunds & Cancellation

Refund and Cancellation Policy


At CoverLane, our goal is to provide the best quality products. However due to certain issues, you may want a refund or replacement from us.
In the event, if you are displeased with the services provided, we will refund back the money, provided the reasons are genuine and proved after investigation. Please read the fine prints of each deal before buying it, it provides all the details about the services or the product you purchase.
We have a no question asked replacement policy in case the item you have received is torn/broken or the print is not perfect. Replacements are also provided for misfit phone covers.

Cancellation Policy

In case you want to cancel an order which is not dispatched from us, please contact us on or WhatsApp 9632808080. If your order is not ready by the time we receive your request, we will refund your entire amount.
Requests received later than 5 business days after product delivery cannot be cancelled under any circumstances.

Refund Policy


As mentioned above, we offer replacements for any mistake at our end or our courier company’s end. However if you do not want a replacement and only want a refund, please send us a mail on along with your order ID as subject and your reason for refund. There would be no refunds applicable for discounted products which could be in the form of a coupon or gift card. Only replacements are possible in these cases if it is our mistake.
For any queries please email us on or contact our customer support on WhatsApp on the number 9632808080.
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